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What Makes for a Bad Roommate?

Everything has been going along OK. You got accepted into the college you wanted. You bought all the coolest stuff to take to the dorm. You emailed your roommate throughout the summer. Everything is great until you arrive at college and decide that you want to kill your roommate. These things do happen. Sometimes living with a roommate means solving problems and learning how to live with each other.

A Habitual Borrower

What Makes for a Bad Roommate?

A bad roommate is a person who doesn’t respect your property. It’s shocking to find that your roommate took your clothes or shoes without asking. People have different attitudes about sharing their things, so it is important to ask for permission. Roommates should talk about boundaries when it comes to using each other’s stuff.


 What Makes for a Bad Roommate?

When a roommate makes a living situation uncomfortable, such as playing loud music in the morning, bringing home friends or dates at night, taking up all space in the fridge, this makes the other person feel annoyed. Express any problems you may have with your roommate about his or her habits, especially is these habits are causing stress.

The Party Animal

 What Makes for a Bad Roommate?

Living with a Party Animal is horrible. The Party Animal has dozens of friends who seem to constantly occupy your living room as if it were their own. Living with a person who enjoys parties is fun, but make sure you set some basic rules or you may find yourself looking for a new roommate.

The Homebody

 What Makes for a Bad Roommate?

If your roommate is constantly homesick, you are living with a Homebody. This person is always on the phone, Skyping with friends, or chatting with his family. Homebodies rarely have many face-to-face friends and spend the night sitting on the couch texting with virtual friends.

The Filthy Beast

 What Makes for a Bad Roommate?

It’s important to have a roommate that values cleanliness. Dirty dishes and underwear hanging all over the room is normal for a filthy beast. Discuss with your roommate what you think about those habits and try to solve the problem. It is important to be extremely considerate of one another’s space.

Signs that You Have a Bad Roommate

    • You’ve noticed that your roommate has been creating voodoo dolls for fun. One of them looks like you.
    • Your roommate never speaks to you, but speaks to others.
  • Your roommate uses your toothbrush to clean the toilet.
  • Each day, your roommate brings a new pet – bird, hamster, cat, lizard.
  • Some random person lives in your roommate’s closet. Apparently, he is paying your roommate’s rent.
  • Your roommate forgets to switch the lights off and leaves all the appliances on.

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