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The Most Useful Essay Topics on Racism for Students

It’s always hard to write essays on social topics. Such issues are actively discussed in societies and you can hardly find a person who doesn’t have his or her opinion on these problems. If you are a peaceful person or just don’t feel like being engaged in active conflict, express your thoughts on paper. It doesn’t mean that everybody will agree with you. But at least you won’t be interrupted and involved in a useless argument. Today, we suggest you to write about one of the most debatable issues: racism. There are a lot of forms of writing that work. But it may be best to express oneself within the confines of an essay. In this article, we’ll give essay topics on racism. Our list is divided into 3 parts. Each of them is devoted to a determined period of time: past, present, and future.

Troubled Past

  • Find the records of the first written record of racism. How could it have been prevented? And who is responsible for this problem?
  • According to your personal experience, tell if racism is vanishing comparing to ten, five, or a couple of years ago.
  • Analyze the most unfair demonstrations of racism from the last century.
  • Explore the biography of the famous fighters against racism. What do you think prompted them to fight against it?

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These essay topics on racism require accurate historical data. If you are not certain about some event or date, it’s better not to mention it.

Dubious Present

  • Compare racism in the USA and the EU. How significant is racism in the US and the EU? Express your opinion about how racism can disappear. Give examples.
  • What is your attitude towards historical films showing racism at its climax? Do you think these movies offend one’s feelings? Do you consider that they are instructive?
  • What measures have governments taken to prevent racism? Do you appreciate all of them? Give concrete examples of when these measures served for the benefit of others or on the contrary.
  • What do you count as racism? Give examples from your own life which demonstrates racism.

Bright Future

  • What steps should be taken to prevent racism in the future?
  • Imagine that you are a representative of the government. Make a plan to eliminate racism in 10 years.

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These Essay Topics for High School that Reveal Your Abilities require the use of your imagination and sixth sense. Of course, you should base your predictions on objective data. But it’s almost impossible to take all the factors into consideration.

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