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Learn How to Write a Term Paper

Good grades depend on good papers, so it is essential for every student to know how to write a term paper.

Gathering information

When you write a paper, you have to support your opinions with convincing arguments. Substantiating those arguments means providing factual information and examples. Furthermore, you will need to gather much of your evidence through research. Libraries contain a wealth of information. Remember that you can access their databases to quickly find useful sources such as books and articles.

Recording information

You will want to record the evidence you find, along with the bibliography information for the source. You may use small index cards and take notes. However, a number of software applications are also available to help you electronically develop notes and record bibliography information in specific formats, such as APA or MLA.

Thinking about the topic

Think about what you have read and discuss it with someone. Conduct some preliminary research to see what the issues are and to help give you direction in your own research.


You can use a number of pre-writing strategies to record your initial thoughts and to begin shaping them towards research. Develop a skeletal outline and begin adding information to it as you conduct your research. Be sure to paraphrase, or put information into your own words before write a paper. Also remember that you must cite your sources even when you paraphrase.

Writing and editing

Once you have written your first draft, you need to edit. Pay attention to word choice. Make certain it is precise. Also, use your thesaurus for variety in word use. Read how to choose catchy title for your paper and apply this information.Watch grammar and spelling. Also pay attention to proper formatting.

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