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How to Do Homework and Not Lose Motivation

Homework for a student is an integral part of school life. If you do not complete homework, you will come home with a low grade. It happens often. Many schoolchildren are interested in how to do homework quickly, but what about qualitatively? I will try to give advice here.

Let’s talk, for example, about algebra. For me, this is the most hated subject, because I’m more inclined tooward languages and literature. How do you solve examples, and sit and think over problems, algorithms, and systems of equations? It’s a huge fiasco, and brings complete boredom. But still there is a solution.

In a bustle you will never achieve anything. Therefore:

  • Take some time for homework. If you have a lot to do, then you will definitely have to sit at your desk for two hours. But if you understand most of the tasks, then an hour will be enough.
  • Remove unnecessary sources of noise. Focus on assignments, and do not get distracted by the TV, computer, or other similar things. If you have become distracted, then choose between either doing homework, or having rest! Unfortunately, it will not lead to anything of good quality.
  • Now, it would be appropriate to draw your attention to the text of the assignment. Look carefully. In order to better understand the task, read it aloud several times.
  • Do you have a brilliant plan for the solution? Be sure to take a notebook. If you make a mistake, you can cross out the superfluous things, so as not to contaminate a clean notebook. After all, it’s more pleasant to work in a neat notebook than in a messy one spoiled by different marks.

Two hours isn’t very fast. However, it was never possible to do something well in five minutes – nobody has succeeded in this. If you give some time to your homework, understanding the tasks is the best solution for you.

Many rely on textbooks with finished homework already inside. I want to warn you that the tasks in such textbooks are often incorrect, or only the answers are provided, for which the teacher will necessarily lower the grade.

From all the above, we can conclude the following: make sure you do not play on the computer or go out for a walk, but instead take time to complete your homework. When you come the next day to school, you will be assured of your knowledge, as well as of your properly executed homework.

There is no need to chase the time, as it will catch up with you first. Take time to do things that are useful to you in the future. You will always have time to take a rest, but not everyone can return with knowledge. Knowledge, like a wall, is built brick by brick. Those who learned all the rules will build a beautiful and solid wall. On the contrary, those who were not interested in their future will have a flimsy and shaky wall. Choose by yourself: lay a long-lasting foundation, or stand all your life on one ladder.

You may be thinking, “I have homework due tomorrow,” but don’t worry – we will help you with this. Of course, when you wake up and immediately think, “Well, again it’s the cold/rain/snow and I need to go to this stupid school and do my homework,” then this mood will haunt you throughout the day. There are some apps that can help you to do your homework faster.

  • Brainly is a kind of social network for schoolchildren. With this application, you can exchange solutions to problems and answers to questions on any subject from the school curriculum. If you do not know how to calculate a logarithm or write an essay, you should use it.
  • Timetable for the Android platform helps to keep track of everything you need in school life: a schedule, homework, exams, and tests. The application synchronizes with other programs in the smartphone and even can turn into silent mode during classes.
  • Well, how can a student do without a fast and reliable browser, which does not stop working at the most crucial moment of the exam and while doing homework? Thanks to cloud technologies, UC Browser is fast and reliable. And it blocks ads and offers you personalized content, including cool mobile games (after all, you should have a rest as well!).

Surely you promised a hundred times to yourself to start the school year productively, do your homework completely and on time, if possible, and not skip training – but already in a month, you lost all desire to fulfill you promises to yourself. It’s no wonder – in schools and universities all of us are so loaded that we do not want to do anything at all. But, unfortunately, you can’t get high grades without hard work, so here are a couple of tips for you on how to do homework and not lose motivation for studying.

In order not to lose motivation, you need to find it first, and for this you must have a clear understanding of why you want to study well. Tired of lagging behind? Do you not want to spend the nights from Sunday to Monday doing a huge amount of homework? Do you need to get high grades in your university, but your knowledge is not enough? Or did you just run out of excellent students who give write-offs during exams? You must understand why you need to be good at learning, and keep the thought in your head.

It is abstract to think that you can just learn everything now and homework will itself be assimilated; of course, you can, but it’s useless. To achieve a goal and finish a course with high grades, you need a clear plan. Instead of thinking, “I will begin to read this book in advance,” you should think, “I will read thirty pages of the novel every day to overpower the whole work by January.” And plan it for every week. No one expects you to live on an army schedule and forget about entertainment, but with a clear plan, things will go much easier and faster. It’s wonderful if you have a big goal to tighten up knowledge of chemistry, but if you look at the textbook and for a minute think you will need to remember everything, then it will become a horrible burden for you. Am I right? If yes, then you urgently need to break this big goal into many small ones: first you will learn the periodic table, then the valence, then master the chemical equations, etc.

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