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America’s Ugliest College Campuses

College is about developing your inner beauty, and that’s a good thing. College exteriors are sometimes nice, often plain, and are occasionally really ugly. Below are the worst college campuses in the United States in appearance.

New Jersey Institute of Technology

NJIT, founded in 1881, suffers from a mishmash of architectural styles. One building looks like a cosmetics factory festooned with red umbrellas. Another looks like a rainbow of Lincoln Logs. Still another was a former asylum for orphans. And so on — with zero cohesion.

Harvey Mudd College

Architect Edward Durell Stone considered Harvey Mudd College to be a Modernist masterpiece. However, schools that are famous for engineering and schools built after World War II tend to be unattractive. Harvey Mudd is a hardcore engineering school founded in 1955 and located in beautiful Southern California, but it looks like an office complex in the depths of New Jersey.

SUNY Purchase

Purchase College campuses feel like a modern interpretation of a medieval fortress, or perhaps a repurposed maximum security prison. When the campus was constructed in 1967, Modernism was at its zenith, and such an expressive school of uninterrupted expanses of dark brick was a sight to behold.

Hampshire College

Established in 1970, Hampshire College is something of an ode to prison-esque architectural style. It is as if the designers went out of their way to create loathsome, inhuman edifices. The dull campus may well encourage students to look beyond themselves for inspiration.

Georgia State University

The design of some GSU buildings may be deliberately trying to send a message: Who needs windows in a library, anyway? You should be reading books! The university is entwined with a gritty section of downtown Atlanta. No doubt, this one is among the worst college campuses.

Carnegie Mellon University

The admissions people at Carnegie Mellon can hoodwink you with some pictures of pretty buildings on this campus. Do not be fooled. Too many CMU buildings are hideous. Some are ominous and bordering on being inhumanely totalitarian.

University of Dallas

Administrators at the University of Dallas, Irving, boast about a curriculum that “really pushes students to use the greatest amount of brainpower.” Perhaps they hope that students will use their imagination to see beyond the low-profile, boxy architecture that bears an uncanny resemblance to a public car park.

Brandeis University

This university employs a way-out, weird design all over campus. Each building tries to appear modern and contemporary with a mix of glass and brick, but it just looks unfriendly and cold. Many students claim that Brandeis is a horrible campus and fairly ugly. Brandeis is: a modern, contemporary, medieval, country college campus. Confused?

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