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Advertising Essay Sample

Is It Ethical To Advertise Products To Children?

Since the very first advertising, the central purpose of the marketers was to make and increase revenues. Although the purpose has changed throughout the years, the main focus on appealing to the customer and guiding their buying habits remained (Puiu 2034). Such powerful efforts of the advertisers can be harmful to people, especially for children, whose knowledge of marketing is clearly insufficient. The present essay discusses whether it is ethical to advertise products to children.

The minds of children are can be easily manipulated by the advertising because their views and preferences have not been established. Therefore, a professional appealing advert can create certain desires in the minds of children, thus inundating them in a way like never before (Calvert . By allowing advertising to target children, their minds may be overloaded with information which they do not even need.

Moreover, marketers can use unethical techniques and methods of persuasion which may lead to negative consequences for children, such as psychiatric issues and disturbances. It is sufficient to claim that most advertising for children is deceptive because immature mind takes things literally and gives the products a profound role in life, at least for some period of time.

Then, another product with even more convincing advert can replace the previous one, thus overloading children’s minds. Therefore, targeting children in advertising is unprofessional because of fundamental deception and manipulation of the immature mind.

Provided the conditions described above, it is concluded that advertisement of products to children is unethical, therefore, no moral, ethical, and social justification can be given to such advertising. To preserve the physical and psychological health of the new generation, it should not be targeted by the advertising industry, where the central goal is to make revenues without excuses.


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