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10 Best Women’s Colleges

Today, young women have a great number of options. There are hundreds of good colleges to choose from. If you are interested in a women college, check out the list below.

There are literary thousands of colleges to pick from and choosing a college can be a challenge. Many women are opting for all women’s colleges. There are many advantages to attending a women’s college. Students in all women’s colleges develop higher levels of self-esteem than do their coed counterparts. Without the domination of male role models and gender expectations, these students thrive and are happy.

These are some great all women’s colleges in the United States and abroad.

United Kingdom

Lucy Cavendish College
Lucy Cavendish College is a part of the University of Cambridge. Open to women over 21 years of age, the college offers the same courses as the University of Cambridge. Lucy Cavendish emphasizes a strong sense of community, individual attention and academic excellence.

Newnham College
Newnham campus is beautiful. Spacious gardens adjoin the sports fields and campus buildings. The buildings are Victorian-style and well-preserved. The college holds to the motto, “Education, Learning and Research.”

United States

Cedar Crest College
Cedar Crest College is dedicated to educating the next generation of women leaders. Cedar Crest promotes critical thinking skills and offers academic programs in fields where women have been traditionally underrepresented.

Sweet Briar College
Sweet Briar’s motto is “Think is for Girls.” The college’s historic buildings and unmatched natural surroundings make it one of the most beautiful campuses in America.


Brescia University College
Brescia University College is affiliated with the University of Western Ontario. Students have access to all the resources of the university but enjoy the sense of community of a small campus. Brescia is a Catholic college and is the only all women’s college in Canada.


Box Hill College
Box Hill emphasizes a positive learning environment and gives students the opportunity to excel in a global business marketplace. Box Hill’s curriculum has Australian accreditation. Their academic standards are based on workplace standards and students must demonstrate competency to finish a course.


Lady Shri Ram College for Women
Lady Shri Ram College strives to empower women to assume leadership roles. Their goal is to foster creative thinkers and contribute new perspectives to the realm of knowledge.


The Women’s College
The Women’s College is historically the first residential women’s university in Australia. It is committed to shaping women into leaders. Among its graduates are politicians, engineers, writers and athletes.

South Korea

Sookmyung Women’s University
Over 100 years old, this university has received numerous educational awards and accolades. It emphasizes problem-solving and information search capacity. Its goal is to create “happy intellectuals.”


Miriam College
Miriam College is a Catholic college. Mainly a teacher’s college, Miriam also offers elementary and high school facilities. They are constantly expanding programs and course offerings.

These are some of the best colleges around the world. We hope that the information prepared by terranetwork.org team was useful for you. If you need expert advice, visit our site!

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