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10 Best College Traditions

One of the greatest aspects of college experience is being a part of a great college tradition. Traditions can provide school spirit and overall well-being at college for many students. Here, you will find the best college traditions based on college histories, overall uniqueness and amount of student participation.

1. Little 500 at Indiana University

The Little 500 is the largest collegiate bike race in the United States. First held in 1951, the event draws more than 25,000 spectators every year. The week leading up to the race is known as the greatest college week in America. During this time, the town hosting this event is full of activities and non-stop partying.

2. Dartmouth Winter Carnival

This winter festival is held every February and includes a skiing competition, jazz concerts, a chili cook off, a human dogsled race, and drag ball. Students also build large snow sculptures on the college green. Great parties are thrown during this winter event as this is one of the best college traditions.

3. Green Beer Day at Miami University

Green Beer Day is known as Miami University’s largest tradition. It is a day-long party involving lots of green-dyed beer. This tradition started in 1952 and is celebrated annually on the Thursday before spring break. Students wear green clothing and drink green beer throughout the day.

4. Breakfast Club at Purdue

Breakfast Club is a tradition where students wake up at 5 AM on Saturday morning and go to the bars dressed in costumes. The roots of this event can be traced back to the 80s, when students would wake up so early to go to the bars that they would still be wearing pajamas, bath robes and other sleep wear. mind that when choosing a college.

5. Mirror Lake Jump at Ohio State

Since 1990, Ohio State students have been jumping into Mirror Lake to kick off the week of the Ohio State vs. Michigan football game. This tradition is really intense, as students jump into the lake in freezing cold temperatures.

6. ASU Undie Run

To celebrate the end of classes, over 15,000 Arizona State students gather for their infamous undie run tradition. One of the nation’s hottest student bodies remove their clothes for charity and proceed to run around the Tempe campus half-naked.

7. Quadfest at Radford University

Quadfest is an annual off-campus block party, a four-day celebration at the end of the semester. Students organize their Quadfest into the houses and streets off campus. The event has seen a large police presence, especially during the 2009, when officers wrote 600 citations and made 80 arrests.

8. UC Davis Picnic Day

Picnic Day is the university’s annual open house for current and prospective students, families, alumni, faculty, and stuff. This is the most celebrated day of the year, with a number of exhibitions and presentations. It is an event that has seen over 100,000 visitors a year.

9. Pomona Ski-Beach

One day a year, students at Pomona take advantage of living in Southern California by heading to the mountains in the morning for some skiing and then finish the day relaxing on the beach. Not too many students have the luxury to do both in one day, so students look forward to a tradition.

10. Cornell Dragon Day

Every spring, students from the College of Architecture dress in crazy costumes and parade around with a giant homemade dragon on campus with many spectators following.

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